HSE Policy Travis Drilling places the health and safety of its personnel and the environment above all else. Our HSE policy is integrated into our Operational Management System and establishes our culture of compliance and operational discipline through a technically competent team. All rig activity will follow a Work Instruction Manual System (WIMS) that has Job Safety Analysis information incorporated into the procedure and execution checklist to ensure critical steps are executed correctly. WIMS and Checklist are rig specific procedures based on Standard Operating Procedures that define how Travis Drilling accomplishes every phase of the well construction process. Travis Drilling demands precision operations based on established standards.  Every task in our operation will follow a Plan Based Execution Cycle using SOP’s, WIMS and Checklist as the starting point, effective communication and leadership skills are part of the introductory training and competency requirements to be qualified to lead individual tasks. Travis Drilling will use a Job Planning System to ensure every WIMS, Checklist is current and track compliance with company policies.

Travis Drilling requires Operational Discipline from everyone throughout the chain of command and will ensure compliance with HSE process and the Operation Management System through a robust audit process that documents results. The leadership is committed to personal safety while focused on process safety to ensure we all meet our grandchildren and they have an environmentally safe and clean world with which to grow.

Integrated Personal and Process Safety System
  • Starts with Leadership
  • Integrated into OMS
    • Policy, Training, Procedures, Drills, Exercises, Documentation etc.
    • SEMS, Safety Case Compliant
    • OEMS Compliant
    • Focus on Metrics
      • Proactively Manage Process Improvement
      • Leading Indicators
      • Lagging Indicators
      • Incident Investigations
      • Near Misses
    • Goal ZERO
      • ZERO Harm to People (ZERO TRIR/ZERO Drops)
      • ZERO Leaks (ZERO Spills/ZERO LOPC)

Process Safety Defined
  • Comprehensive, Integrated Management of Materials, Equipment and Systems
  • Policy and Doctrine
  • Processes, Procedures, Work Instructions and Checklists
  • Personnel Competency
  • Operational Discipline




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